Midnight and everybody's feeling fine,
I've got my best ghoul by my side,
we're gonna have us a good time...
rollin' along in my automobile...
Party at the cemetery, the party's rolling on,
party at the cemetery, come and rock along...

we're swingin', this party's really banging on,
cats and chicks are getting crazy,
rockin' til the break of dawn...
no one can stop us so do what you feel...
The place is really getting frantic,
tombstones quakin' all around,
ghosts and ghouls are getting dizzy
rocking with the Orsdels' sound...
the sights and the sounds are truly unreal...

I was only 13 the first time I saw your face,
I hated that party but your eyes lit up the lake
so many nights afterwards spent with you
now that I've lost you I don't know what to to
I remember every word you said
from our very first kiss to your very last breath,
the southern sky has a new star tonight
but it'll never look the same without you...

2 years have passed since the day I got that call
found you in that bed you weren't breathing at all
2 pills was all it took, scattered ashes in the woods
and I'll never be the same
I will never fucking be the same...

Haunting little words
you whisper back and forth to me
I can't believe your lies
you've told them once too many times
It's true, no one ever really liked you
I know, I've heard it all before
you say, you're a victim of circumstance
too bad if I don't shed a tear

How quick you are to judge
but have you seen yourself at all,
I can't believe my eyes,
you're heading for a fucking fall...

Well, I've got 18 tons of evil locked up deep inside my
I've been exorcised by preachers but the demons take
I roam at night with creatures by my side
you can run away but you can never hide...
Come take me away when the clock strikes 13,
I'm the meanest motherfucker that you've ever seen,
I'll show you places where angels cannot dwell,
I take you to my private hell...

Well the zombies and the vampires have got nothing on
cause when you close your eyes at night with you is
where I'll be
you think you're safe at night tucked away in bed
but here I come I'm gonna creep into your head!

I've got something to say
I never had to believe it's true
but at the end of the day
I can't say that I trust in you
you tell you'll never go
how can I think this will ever be?
but when I look in your eyes
I see the death that's become of me
the shallow grave you left
I don't know if I could ever live
with the secret that died
the one that I could not forgive

I cannot contain
that anger I feel inside
what did it end?
it was just a waste of life..

When I was young I used to sit around and watch TV
late night spookshows always kept me up til half past 3
Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolfman too
but the coolest was the Creature from the Black Lagoon
I remember every single night
when you and I would sit around and give each other
how I long to bring back all that fun
but then again who said these days are over, said and

and now I'm older but my monster friends are still around
they'll always be right by my side
those late night spookshows of mine will never die
not as long as I'm alive!

Blood-soaked memories of days not long ago
"die, die my darling" blaring on the radio
we used to site around and play our favorite song
but it's all over now, all those days are gone...
oh, I'll never forget
the sound and the fury, I'll never regret,
oh why did it end?
Those days are over now
our lesson learned, they won't return
they're buried in my mind
those days are over now
our lesson learned, they won't return
until the end of time

And when I sit around and think about the day
when you said goodbye and turned and walked away
I lay awake at night wondering what went wrong
the haunting memory of our favorite song..