The Van Ordsels are a psychobilly band based in
Miami, Florida, USA. The band formed in 2003.
They have the distinction of being the first
psychobilly band in south Florida. They helped
introduce and expose the genre to the south Florida
music scene. With their unique blend of psychobilly,
punk rock, surf music and heavy metal,combined
with elements from old B-horror and sci-fi movies,
and images of monsters, zombies and creatures
from beyond, they have managed to create a sound
all their own.
In 2002, founding member and vocalist George Van Orsdel was in the process
of organizing a show, a one-off Misfits tribute band, to play a Halloween show in
October 2002. He eventually met up with guitarist Todd V.W. and drummer
David. Along with a friend, Brian, who was the bassist for a local Miami band
named Underpaid, they formed The Braineaters, a Misfits tribute band that
played on October 28, 2002. After the show was done, George, Todd and David
decided they wanted to continue playing together, and decided the start a
psychobilly band. The decided on the namd The Van Orsdels, shortly after they
found bassist Bruno, and the band was well on their way.
In Spring of 2003, the band was now ready for their first show.They spent months
preparing, promoting, and exposing their name all over south Florida. On June
19, 2003, at a local south Florida venue called The Alley, they played their first
show, to a great reception. Immediately following their first show, they began to
receive requests for bookings. They then decided to record some songs to
release as a CD. They recorded songs that would eventually be their first CD
release, a 7-song EP titled "Ain't Life A Drag?".

Shortly after, David left the band and they were left without a drummer, so
George took over as drummer and lead vocalist. In the Fall of 2004, the band
finally found a drummer, Hoggin' Dick.
In 2005, The Van Orsdels finally got their break. German record label Crazy
Love Records agreed to sign the band, and release their second CD. The band
immediately began recording tracks for their second CD release, their first full-
length titled "Miami Morgue Riot!". This was a turning point for the band. They
were finally recognized for their talents, and the release of Miami Morgue Riot
helped spread the band's name on a worldwide scale. Record distributors
worldwide were now selling their music. The Van Orsdels were getting
recognition from fans globally. In Fall of 2005, the band decided to book a short
2-week East Coast U.S. tour to promote Miami Morgue Riot.
In 2003, a company by the name of Spooky Empire, held their first annual
Screamfest Horror Convention in south Florida. Every year since then they have
had The Van Orsdels appear as a special musical guest. They performed at
Screamfest 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007, and will be performing in 2008 as
well. They were booked for Screamfest 2003, but as a result of their guitarist
being in rehab, the band unfortunately had to cancel that performance. As a
result of their participation in the Screamfest Horror Conventions, they met
famed artist/illustrator Gris Grimly, who created the artwork for the band's
second CD release Miami Morgue Riot!
In 2007, The Van Orsdels saw a major face-lift in the form of new members. The
Abominable Dr. Butch Van Orsdel joined the band as the new guitarist in early
2007. Butch had previously been a member of a South Florida surf instrumental
band called The Cavefish. Original drummer David re-joined the band in early
2007 as well, after drummer Richard decided to take a break from the band to
focus on his personal life. The band released an EP titled "Leftovers" in October of
2007. The cd contained a collection of previously unreleased tracks and demos,
as well as some acoustic songs. October also saw the return of Richard on drums.
March 2008 saw the inclusion of Steve "The Bruiser" Van Orsdel on upright bass.
With this new line-up the band has begun work on new material which will be
included on their upcoming full-length CD release. The band will also be recording
a version of "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch" for an upcoming psychobilly
Christmas compilation album which will be released on Cleopatra Records in
December of 2008.
The Van Orsdels were the main featured artist on the soundtrack to the short,
independent film titled "It's A Gate To Hell, Cecilstein" which was released in
2006. The Van Orsdels will also be featured on the soundtrack to another
independent film, a full-length horror genre motion picture titled "Shadow Grove"
which should see a release late 2008.
The Van Orsdels have performed with such notable psychobilly and punk rock
acts as:

* Mad Sin
* Nekromantix
* Th' Legendary Shack Shakers
* 45 Grave
* The Quakes
* Koffin Kats
* Calavera
* Dwarves (band)
* The Independents
* U.K. Subs
* The Vibrators
* Green Goblyn Project
* Voltaire (musician)
* The Chop Tops
* Dr. Chud's X-Ward
* 7 Shot Screamers
* The Cryptkeeper Five
* Ghoultown
* The Rocketz